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Parking Barrier

One of the simplest and most common ways to address these issues is through the use of a Parking Barrier gate. Our parking barrier is basically a barrier made of steel and other metal which can go up or down, thereby limiting access to the area within. The parking barrier gates we provide is the most rudimentary and is manually operated one. Manual parking barrier look very much like any other bar barrier except that you need a person to open and close it to allow or restrict access to the parking area. We are one of the most well known parking barrier importer and traders in India.

  • Automatic Parking Barrier
  • Rolling Shutter
  • Sliding Gate

Technical Specifications
  • Class of Operation : II, III, IV
  • Boom Length : up to 12 MTRS
  • Arm Length : 4m/6m/ 12 m
  • Protection Level : IP54 (NEMA3)
  • Weight : 47Kg/ 78Kg/ 783Kg/li>
  • Power Supply : 120 / 230V, AC, 24V, DC
  • Current Draw : 1.3A â 230V/ 15A - 24V, DC
  • Motor Power : 300 w
  • Torque : 200 Nm
  • Opening Time : 2.6 Sec / 4.BSec/ 10 sec

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